Ferret 500

This past June 8th, several ferrets and their owners visited the Hancock County Fairgrounds for the “Ferret 500.” This was the first time this event was held in Hancock County, after a successful run in Marion County. It is hoped that this will be an annual event.

So what exactly is the “Ferret 500?” Well, just like other animal shows – Ferrets have an association that dictates certain criteria for ferrets. However, unlike a registered dog show – any ferret may be entered whether they are pedigreed or not. Ferrets are judged based on: head, skeletal frame, muscle mass and tone, color/pattern, body proportion, health/maintenance, disposition, and judge’s impression. The class goal is to reward the best overall ferrets and their owners for excellence in breeding, temperament, and health/maintenance (source: the American Ferret Association Exhibitor Guidebook). There are Championship and Companion classes with different divisions. There are also Specialty classes. For more information see the American Ferret Association Exhibitor Guidebook.

However, there are also fun competitions at a Ferret Show – including a costume contest, paper bag escape contest, and… a car race! What would a Ferret 500 (in honor of the Indy 500) be without a car race? In this case, little matchbox cars were coated in salmon oil, and the object was for the ferret to lick the oil and push the cars with their heads down a small track. The first one to the finish line won!

Ferrets are known for being intelligent, playful, and curious. They can be friendly and form strong bonds with their owners – especially if they are handled often as a young animal. Ferrets are also quick learners and can be trained to do tricks. Many of the exhibitors at the Ferret 500 considered their ferret friends like you would a pet dog or a cat. They had elaborate set ups in their cages filled with sleeping hammocks, toys and other ferret items.

Speaking of ferret items – – the Ferret 500 also featured a wide variety of vendors. Some with strictly ferret themed or ferret related items such as toys, hammocks, and other items such as purses, t-shirts, and knick-knacks with a ferret design. However, there were also vendors who were selling things just for people too – – including one vendor selling special bent wire bracelets, and another selling specially designed hats.

Many of the exhibitors had multiple ferrets, and several exhibitors came from miles away to attend this event – including visitors from Minnesota, Illinois, Ohio, and Ontario, Canada as well as visitors from all over the state of Indiana.

This event was open to the public for a small admission fee. All proceeds for this event went to support the Five Points Ferret Refuge, a ferret rescue organization – for people who can no longer care for their ferret pets and need to find a them a new home.

With a successful run in Hancock County, Hancock County Tourism looks forward to supporting the Ferret 500 next year. Be sure to check our event calendar often to get up to date information on great events like this one – in Hancock County!

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