Tourism Commission Grant Process

Please review the Grant Guidelines for information regarding changes that take effective immediately related to Grant application submission. Grants are not going to be immediately presented for award consideration as in the past. Grant applications have increased in volume, many are more complex than in the past and the dollars requested are increasing. The HCTC needs more time to review, ask questions and possibly even meet with Grantees prior to hearing the request in a public meeting. For these reasons we have changed the submission schedule that is outlined on the Grant Guidelines page.

This change in policy will also allow the HCTC the opportunity to better budget for grant funds each year. Hopefully, this change will assist requestors in understanding the farther in advance a grant can be presented the better.

The HCTC Grant process is entirely automated through online forms. The applicant will complete an online Grant application and attach the necessary supporting documents. Once the application is complete, the applicant will just click on the submit button, and the information will be to the Executive Director for initial review. So please be sure that you have all your information ready prior to attempting to complete the form.

The deadline for consideration by the HCTC meeting is clearly defined on the Grant Guidelines. Any grant application received after that time will be considered during the next Grant cycle.

If you have questions, please contact Brigette Cook Jones at 317-477-8687 or email our office