Grant Guidelines

Grant Application Guidelines 

The Hancock County Tourism Commission provides grants to help support the tourism efforts in Hancock County, Indiana. Grants can be awarded that will promote and encourage conventions, visitors, and tourism within Hancock County. The HCTC board meets monthly and grant money is awarded based on availability of funds on a first come, first serve basis. For each HCTC meeting, grant applications will be considered based upon the date and time received based upon the submission through the online application process. Upon receipt, the application will be reviewed for completion. If the documentation is correct and complete, the grant application will be placed on the agenda for consideration at the next Tourism Commission meeting. If for any reason the application is returned to the requestor for incompleteness, it will be placed back on the agenda based on the time the revised application was received.

Grant Prerequisites

The Grant Application must be completed providing as much information as possible in order to provide the Hancock County Tourism Commission with a clear understanding of how the monies will be utilized.

The following requirements must be met in order to be considered for the award of a Grant from the HCTC.

  • The grant must support a tourism (reaching out of county visitors) related project, event or activity. This includes, but is not limited to: events, festivals, attractions, retail, restaurants, museums or recreational facilities.
  • Applicants may be a not-for-profit, government, or a private entity.
  • Grant monies may not to be used to provide salaries, or operating expenses.
  • Advertising should primarily be targeting *out of county* residents.
  • Where possible supporting documentation for budgets, and quotes for projects or advertising should be included.
  • You must utilize the Hancock County Tourism logo on your promotional pieces and at events or on projects.  A variety of tourism logos in different formats are available on the Hancock County Tourism website in the Media Section.
  • The HCTC requires you to utilize the tourism website to obtain the list of hotels, and local restaurant businesses to enhance your event. This can be done by collaborating with these facilities to negotiate rooms and rates for vendors or attendees and promoting local restaurants.
  • You can submit supporting documents including details and data from past events regarding visitors and their origin. These should be submitted along with the grant application.
  • You will need to show how you are tracking out of county visitors. This can be done through surveying attendees, collecting zip codes from attendees, checking license plates, or collecting that information via registrations or guest registers. This information WILL BE REQUIRED for an end of project, event or activity report.
  • If you choose to bring any samples of items (advertising pieces, etc.) to the HCTC meeting please bring one copy for the Executive Director: no additional copies necessary for the Commission members.
  • A representative from your organization will be REQUIRED to be present at the HCTC meeting when your grant is considered – unless otherwise notified. The HCTC meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 5pm in Greenfield City Hall. If you have submitted a grant by the grant deadline – – you will be expected to attend. 
  • No later than 60 days after the completion of a project, event or activity, a Grant Report on the expenditure of funds provided by the HCTC must be provided.
  • HCTC support for a project, or event should NOT be considered a permanent funding source (requesting it year after year).
  • Projects, events or activities should strive to become self-supporting.
  • Projects, events or activities are funded on a case by case basis at the discretion of the Commission.
Grant Application

A Grant Application and any additional documentation MUST be submitted to the Hancock County Tourism Commission following the process below. The Grant Applications will be reviewed monthly by the HCTC at the regularly scheduled meeting.

In order to be placed on the agenda, your grant application and attachments, if applicable, must be submitted to the HCTC by 6 PM EST on the Friday preceding the next HCTC public meeting. The HCTC meets the second Tuesday of every month.

The HCTC requires all Grant Applications be submitted electronically utilizing the online application. If you need assistance preparing the Grant Application you may contact the Hancock County Tourism and Visitor Center’s Executive Director, Brigette Cook Jones. She will help you with this process.  A HANDWRITTEN APPLICATION WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Upon submitting a Grant Application an immediate confirmation email will be received validating an application has been received.

You will receive no further notification to attend the meeting.

The Executive Director will determine if the Grant Application is complete and ready for the HCTC meeting review. It is possible that there may be questions that need to be clarified or answered prior to the HCTC meeting.  These questions will be directed to the main contact person listed on the Grant Application.  It is imperative that the email address and phone number provided in the application is an address and number that is monitored on a regular basis.

The applicant will be required to attend in person to present the grant application to the HCTC during a scheduled public meeting.  The HCTC meets the second Tuesday of every month, and if you have submitted your application prior to the deadline, you will be expected to attend the next regularly scheduled HCTC meeting.  There will be NO further notification received about your grant application other than confirmation of your submission.  If you want to know if your grant has been officially placed on the HCTC agenda – – please contact the Executive Director of Tourism.

Hancock County Tourism Commission Meeting

At the HCTC meeting your representative is primarily there to answer any questions that the board might have about your grant application.  You can be expected to do a 2 minute introduction of yourself and your grant application, and then see if the board has any questions.  Please note, the HCTC is a government entity (like a school board); therefore, this is a **public meeting.** Anyone can attend. Therefore, you can expect members of the press, and other interested individuals at this meeting.  Since this is a public meeting, you are welcome to bring additional individuals from your organization or business to be present for the support of your project or event.  However, please note – they will not be allowed to speak unless the HCTC president requests it.

Grant Report

Within SIXTY (60) DAYS of the close of your project, event or activity you must provide a final report with receipts and documentation as to how the grant money was spent. You will submit that report through the online Grant Report Form form. The ability to upload supporting documents (receipts, visitor info) with the report is available. If the HCTC desires an in-person report at a monthly meeting that will be communicated via email after receiving the report. The information submitted in the report may be enough and an in-person meeting may not be necessary. A HANDWRITTEN REPORT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

If the full amount of the grant money is not utilized, you return all unspent money to the HCTC. This should be submitted via check and made out to Hancock County Tourism Commission and mailed or dropped off at the Tourism office.

Failure to complete a Final Grant Report and submit the necessary documentation could result in an organization being banned from receiving future tourism funds. Failure to supply the necessary receipts for these expenditures could require the return of funds that are not supported by appropriate documentation. These would be considered unspent funds.

If you should have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the HCTC Office at 317-477-8687. You can also email the office at The Executive Director, Brigette Cook Jones, will help you facilitate the grant process and answer any questions.

Grant Completion

An approved, executed and finalized Grant that has been reviewed by the HCTC and approved for permanent filing should include the following documents:

  • A complete Grant Application that includes the proper signatures
  • The completed Final Grant Report including all receipts and applicable documents related to the project, event or activity
  • A check from the receiver of the Grant for any unused funds, if applicable

This Grant completion packet will be stored electronically in accordance with the HCTC storage process.